1.       How long have you been involved with the Open Door?

I have been involved with The Open Door Centre since the beginning of 2015, after a friend of mine put me in touch.

2.       What made you want to get involved with the Open Door?

After finding out for myself how important it is to keep a healthy and happy mental state, I wanted to help other people maintain theirs. When I saw the welcoming and artistic ethos of the centre and how effectively it was helping people to improve their lives, I decided that I wanted to help as much as I could.

3.       What is the best thing about being a member of the team?

The Open Door Centre is full of friendly, interesting and very supportive people, making it a great environment to work in. We are constantly learning and having a laugh with our members, mentors and the management team.

4.       What do you like to do outside of the centre?

I love to be involved in Merseyside’s local music scene which is thriving with numerous great artists at the moment. I also work as a support worker, supporting adults with learning difficulties, which is very rewarding and great fun.

5.       What makes a good member of the Open Door team?

Anybody who cares about other people’s happiness would fit right in at The Open Door Centre.

6.       One tip for feeling good…

Make an effort to be mindful of what emotions you are feeling, why you are feeling them and how you can change them. Remember that the only person who can change them is YOU.


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