1.       How long have you been involved with the Open Door?

I have been involved with The Open Door Centre since September 2016, while working for another local charity I came across the centre and wanted to get involved.

2.       What made you want to get involved with the Open Door?

After finishing university and being unsure about what I wanted to next, I found The Open Door Centre. Volunteering allowed me to use the skills I had learnt over the years and really improved my confidence in all aspects of my life. Seeing how much members improve makes me feel really proud and spurs me on to continue working.

3.       What is the best thing about being a member of the team?

The best thing about being a member is working with supportive like-minded people. The laid-back atmosphere means that people are happy to hang around and chat, so we are constantly having a laugh and learning about each other.

4.       What do you like to do outside of the centre?

I am happiest when I am with my friends, I love to cook for them and try new recipes. I also travel a lot between Liverpool and Manchester, sampling the different night life each city has to offer. And I love to binge watch boxsets on Netflix when the weather is rubbish.

5.       What makes a good member of the Open Door team?

Anyone that’s passionate about helping others would make a great member of the team.

6.       One tip for feeling good…

Surround yourself with positive supportive people, remember its quality not quantity when it comes to friendship.


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