Data Policy

Data Policy

Bazaar Solus is a therapeutic intervention intended to support young people and young adults around issues such as anxiety, low mood, stress and panic attacks. The programme is remote-based and offers 8 sessions of support to help improve symptoms.

Purpose of holding data

Bazaar records special category (sensitive) data with regards to a participants mental health and wellbeing symptoms and feeling. The purpose of this is to ensure that Bazaar staff can monitor a participants progress and also ensure that they are suitably safeguarded.

What is involved in participating

By participating in Bazaar, information is captured regarding a participants, name, date of birth, contact details and demographic information. This helps us to ensure that the support is received by appropriate participants and anonymised data informs us of how we can continually improve the programme. Bazaar will also track responses within sessions utilising quantitative scales for anxiety and depression including clinical tools PHQ-9 and GAD-7 as well as suicidal ideation. There is also the opportunity for beneficiaries to enter qualitative information about their experiences and progress as far as they feel comfortable in doing so.

Benefits and risks of participating

The benefits of participating in Bazaar Solus is that the programme has a high level of average outcomes in reducing symptoms commonly associated with anxiety, low mood, stress and panic attacks. The risks would be that the programme does hold information about a participant which they would not want to be disclosed in a data breach. Bazaar Solus does everything it can to protect participant data by limiting access to this information by a small, group of staff who need access to ensure the support delivered is safe and appropriate as well as password security measures to manage access to data.

Procedures for withdrawal

If a participant wishes to withdrawal their data, please email and we will arrange for all of your data to be removed with confirmation of this being completed.

Usage of the data for research, dissemination, storage, publishing and archiving

Any data that is used for research or dissemination purposes will only be in relation to general outcomes. All personal data will be fully anonymised containing no personal information that could in any way be traced back to an individual participant. There would be no access to any personal data for the purposes of research by anyone except a core staff of team within Open Door Charity, the parent organisation of Bazaar Solus. Your data will not be shared with any third party and is only stored for the purpose of your support and general, overall outcome reporting. Data is stored in the back end of the programme and is only stored for a period that is reasonably necessary to ensure Bazaar Solus provides adequate support and effectiveness to its participants.

Strategies for assuring ethical use of the data

Open Door Charity, as the parent organisation, takes the ethical use of data extremely seriously. The Charity has been operating since 2011 and ensures that only staff who NEED access to data as part of their roles have access to it. All staff are also bound by confidentiality agreements through their contract of employment and the system is only accessible via a password and username function.

Filing a complaint

Should you have a complaint, have any questions or concerns around your storage of data, please contact us on


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